The A & F Wildlife Foundation Inc., is a 501(c)(3) (Tax Exempt Charity Organization) under the Federal Tax Guidelines.


How do I apply for a grant?
Kindly go through and follow instruction on our grant page carefully, and contact us for any assistance or information
Can I apply for two separate grants simultaneously?
NO, you could only apply at a time
Can I use part of the fund receive by me to implement another project as they share similar goal?
NO, the fund could only be use for the approved proposal only
Where can I get help with my application?
For any assistance, information or clarification, kindly contact us
Is there deadline for submission of application?
Yes, the deadline is advertise with the call for grant application. We annually call for grant application and such is usually advertised on our webpage
Can I E-mail my application?
No, we do not accept online application by mail, you could only submit your application online
What happen if my application is rejected and soon can I re-apply?
Due to numerous application received, we may not be able to communicate the details of why your application was refused, but at your request, we will send you details. In addition, there is no limit to how frequent you can apply provided we call for application which is annually
What does the fund cover?
Kindly read our mission and vision statement
What is the grant budget?
It is an open budget. Our focus is on the Conservation Goal set out to achieve. 
Who can apply for the grant?
You must be a Young Wildlife Professional or Enthusiasts.
Can I apply for another grant where I have an active grant?
No, you will have to finish one before starting another.
Will I receive the funds for an approved proposal at once and when?
No, the funds will be distributed in phase depending on your project and you will be contacted once your proposal is approve and you are expected to submit your bank details within two (2) weeks. Be sure you check your mail regularly.