Apply for grants

  • Project Details and General Eligibility

    To apply for a grant with us, You must be a Young Wildlife Professional or Enthusiasts, the species you want to work with should be Endangered using the IUCN Red List and CITES Classification as a Guide, should be in-situ in the habitats and must have a bearing on the Community where the species are found.

    You must also have an Organizational Affiliation as a Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism and having an organizational affiliation with the Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative ( would be an added advantage but not compulsory.

    Applicant or Team Leader Qualification and Budget. We have deliberately not set a limit to project costs. We however expect you to be frugal in your budget cost and only budget for what you need to make the project a success and achieve your conservation goal and deliverables within the Timeline you have set above. If your project is accepted, be sure that we would work with you to again look at the cost and see if we can achieve same with little or more cost.