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Welcome To A & F Wildlife Foundation Inc. 501(c)(3) Charity Organization

At A & F Wildlife Foundation Inc, our commitment is to providing funding for young Wildlife Professionals and Enthusiasts to take positive actions to conserve, preserve and protect Wildlife Species as well as work with the communities where they are found all around the world.

New Sustainability

GOAL : 1340 $

Free Volunteering

GOAL : 1000 $

Urgent Help

GOAL : 5000 $

New Fundraiser

GOAL : 34500 $


We are a Grant Giving organization focused on Wildlife Conservation Initiatives all around the world with a special focus on communities where these Wildlife Species are found. We hope by this action we can help stop the Extinction of Species and help these Communities live Sustainably with these animals for Now and Future Generations. Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for Wildlife and the communities where they are found. Ours is a simple plan. We raise funds on one hand and we give the same to Wildlife Professionals and Enthusiasts have been vetted and approved by our team of Zoologist and Wildlife Conservation Experts

So how, can you help?

Below is a list of different projects we are currently working on. You are welcome to support our general foundation or choose a particular Project you want or speaks to you. A project that you want to particularly identify with.

Our Volunteers

We Listen, You Advice. We will work with you as a stakeholder, share updates, and carry you along.

Get in Touch

Help Us


Save Pangolins

Quality shirts are available in different colors and sizes. Profit from sales goes into the conservation of endangered species.

The profit of this campaign will go into the conservation and Protection of pangolins

How Can You Help?

Make a Free Will Donation!

It is our hope that by this action we can help stop the Extinction of Species and help Communities Where these wildlife are still found, begin and continue to live Sustainably with these animals for Now and Future Generation

Write us for more information on donations

Helping Wildlife that can’t help themselves is an honor. Change the world with us. Let us together give our nonhuman family a chance at survival.

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